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Scotland – Your Next International Connection?

By Michael Jones ( When I was a sophomore in college, I spent a summer studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Like many before me who visited this beautiful country, I absolutely fell in love with it: the history, culture, and people all came together to create an unforgettable experience.  One of the things that stuck out the most while I was there was how vibrant the whole country felt.  Unlike other places in Europe, where general malaise has set in as a result of the EU’s debt crisis, there was definitely noticeable energy and excitement about Scotland’s future that could be discerned from the people there.  One are that one […]


Revolution and Trade Part 2 – Venezuela

By Michael Jones ( Since the last blog article in this series was written, the situation in Ukraine has changed even more drastically.  Protesters have seized control over Kiev, opposition leaders have been released to return to government, and now-former President Yanukovich has fled.  While these changes certainly suggest an ending to the violence, the wild card of Russia must always be taken into account, and tensions could flare up again at any moment. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, protests are raging on in the South American country of Venezuela.  These protests were originally small-scale and non-violent reactions to the corruption in Venezuela’s government as well as […]


Revolution and Trade – Ukraine

By Michael Jones ( The last century has seen countless revolutions occur all over the world.  As the Great Powers decolonized and people’s desire for democracy grew, many dictatorial regimes were brought down.  As we move into this new century, we have seen a continuation of this trend: the now-famous Arab Spring brought democracy to the Middle East, and even now, there are many countries that are undergoing similar revolutions. One of the largest revolutions currently taking place is in Ukraine.  Historically, Ukraine has been a divided country: roughly 1/2 of the population supports greater integration with Europe, while the other half wishes to remain linked to Russia.  Ukraine had […]


Countries to Watch For in the EU in 2014

By Michael Jones ( The EU has always interested me.  The idea that the former combatants in two of the bloodiest wars in human history could overcome their differences and come together as one always seemed so poetic, and I became fascinated at the implications of a united Europe for the rest of the world.  Of course, in reality, the EU has not quite attained that ideal of absolute unity, as its now-infamous debt crisis wracked the continent with economic turmoil and showed just how fragmented the system actually is.  However, despite the negative attention placed on Europe, the system is still salvageable: some of the EU’s stronger economies are […]


The Ease of Doing Business Index

By Michael Jones ( The Ease of Doing Business Index (EDBI) is a list created by the World Bank to rank countries by how accessible they are to foreign businesses.  A country’s high placement on the list suggests simple, minor regulations on business and strong protection for property rights, while a low placement suggests the opposite.  This basic analysis is then combined with data from a diverse array of other factors to form a complete profile for a country’s business-friendliness.  As a rule, the EDBI serves as a good measuring stick for whether or not you should work in a particular country.  However, the placement of certain countries may surprise […]


3 Things About Foreign Language Contracts

By Michael Jones ( In American business culture, contracts are essential to getting work done.  Our strong judicial system affords these contracts the legitimacy needed for them to be enforced, and our no-nonsense way of working with other American companies means that contracts are ideal for ensuring compliance.  However, this way of thinking is not shared by all companies around the world.  During TSI’s many years of experience abroad, we’ve found 3 important things to know about foreign contracts that your business needs to be aware of. Perhaps the most important difference is in how enforceable or even used contracts are in other countries.  In some countries (Russia is a […]


Always Think Twice Before You Export

By Michael Jones ( The developing world is an extremely lucrative market for many U.S. businesses.  Lower taxes, untapped potential, and abundant resources are the norm, and most emerging countries seem all too eager to work with companies in order to grow their economies.  Expanding your business there seems like a dream come true.  However, despite these advantages, there is a hidden dark side to working in the developing world that anyone looking to export abroad needs to be aware of. A great example of this can be found in Mexico.  Mexico has been in the news a lot lately, as its growing economy is (debatably) the strongest in Latin […]


Sochi’s Frozen Relationship

By Michael Jones ( Despite the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia already being in full swing, not all the attention is on the athletes competing for the gold.  Controversies such as Russia’s stance on gay rights, Sochi’s huge mishandled budged, and security concerns related to the Ukraine and terrorist groups in Chechnya and Dagestan have arisen in the pas few months and threaten to derail the games.  Of particular importance is the last: it is evident that Russia is especially concerned about the security of the Olympics, as any perceived weaknesses would embarrass Prime Minster Vladimir Putin at at time when he is trying to show Russia’s strength on a […]


Trade Misconceptions – Is China Really Open For Business?

By Michael Jones ( One of the most common inquiries that we receive at TSI Global Consulting is from companies looking to expand into the Chinese market.  Indeed, it is not hard to see why: China has worked for years to cultivate its image as a business-friendly paradise, and many U.S> companies desire the huge consumer base that lives there .  However, despite wanting you to think otherwise, China is not as open a country for  business as it may seem.  While most businesses will not have any trouble moving their products and operations over to this rising country, not being aware of certain restrictions can lead to severe punishments […]



International Sales are a very important part of our business. Our products are subject to strict Export Control regulations, often times requiring us to obtain an export license.Trying to keep up with export compliance regulations on your own is next to impossible.   TSI Global Consulting provides us our pathway to successful Export Compliance offering fast, courteous consulting services with a very high degree of professionalism. Thank you Jonathan Fink for all you do to make export compliance easy. It gives us the peace of mind we are doing the right thing.
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