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Kudos to BIS…..

It is quite rare that I have the opportunity to leave the office and attend a conference, but last week I made the effort to attend (along with a client) the Export Control Reform full day seminar held here in San Antonio which was hosted by the Bureau of Industry and Security. I was pleasantly surprised by the high degree of professionalism and the in-depth technical overview of ECR that BIS put on. I was especially pleased to see that BIS made the effort to send as presenters several of their most senior licensing officers (folks I deal with regularly over the phone but had never met) down here to […]


And we thought is was a simple fire extinguisher………maybe not.

Classification of commodities for export compliance can indeed be a difficult task. At TSI Global Consulting we had an interesting case this week. We were approached by an aircraft parts exporter to classify a few parts for potential export to Latin America. Most of the parts were rather routine and then we came across a part named “fire extinguisher bottle for Bell Helicopter.”  After researching the part, we initially came to a conclusion that it had to be either EAR99 or if it was produced for a military helicopter it would fit squarely into the new series 600 ECCN 9A610.y26. Since the particular Bell helicopter that this part is going […]


Getting to Know the Asian Tigers – Singapore

By Michael Jones ( Well, everyone, it’s been one long month for me.  Since my last blog article, I’ve been on travel in Japan visiting many different cities.  Things have been very busy, which is why I haven’t updated the blog in a while, but my mind has been abuzz with new ideas for updates.  I hope that you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them! Since I’ve arrived at my university in Japan, I’ve met a lot of different people.  That got me thinking: what are some of the golden opportunities that our clients could have in this region?  Of course!  While it may seem […]



International Sales are a very important part of our business. Our products are subject to strict Export Control regulations, often times requiring us to obtain an export license.Trying to keep up with export compliance regulations on your own is next to impossible.   TSI Global Consulting provides us our pathway to successful Export Compliance offering fast, courteous consulting services with a very high degree of professionalism. Thank you Jonathan Fink for all you do to make export compliance easy. It gives us the peace of mind we are doing the right thing.
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