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BIS Deregulates Export Controls on Crude Oil…..A Long Overdue Export Control Reform

The Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security posted an announcement on its website dated December 18, 2015, that effective immediately export licenses are no longer required for the export of crude oil. Crude oil is now classified as EAR99 thus qualifying for export as “no license required” or NLR to most destinations. Exporters are reminded that NLR treatment is contingent up a clear screen of all consignees against the Consolidated List as well as no knowledge of pending violations of Parts 736, 7444 and 746 of the EAR. In light of the recent surge in domestic oil production, this change is not surprising but rather a long awaited “opening” […]


DDTC Scraps Requirement to “lodge” DSP-5 Licenses at the Port of Export……..

The Directorate of Defense Trade Controls announced on their website today (12/21/2015) that effective immediately exporters no longer are required to “lodge” a paper copy of the DSP-5 license with U.S. Customs at the port of export prior to filing the Electronic Export Information and exporting USML listed defense articles. Going forward, exporters may simply record and file the license on the Electronic Export Information that is filed through AES and export in a similar manner as is done with Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) exports. Indeed, we have reached the end of need for those paper copies to be hand delivered to the Port of […]


A Basic Guide to Exporting

Kudos to the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration for offering exporters that opportunity to download free of charge “A Basic Guide to Exporting.” This classic book which has been around for years, provides both a broad and deep overview of the export process. For those companies that are new to exporting, this book comes highly recommended by my firm. It is the best place to start when considering getting into the export trade. Thank you DOC/ITA for making this available at no charge.



International Sales are a very important part of our business. Our products are subject to strict Export Control regulations, often times requiring us to obtain an export license.Trying to keep up with export compliance regulations on your own is next to impossible.   TSI Global Consulting provides us our pathway to successful Export Compliance offering fast, courteous consulting services with a very high degree of professionalism. Thank you Jonathan Fink for all you do to make export compliance easy. It gives us the peace of mind we are doing the right thing.
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