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Live Schedule B Classification Session with Census

The U.S. Census Bureau’s International Trade Management Division is providing an open webinar on Thursday April 21st @ 2:00 P.M. (eastern time) in which their staff experts will classify products submitted by the Trade Community. This is an excellent opportunity to refresh your Schedule B numbers and/or confirm that you have properly classified your products. No reservation is required to attend this FREE session. Simply log on to the link below (or dial in) 15 minutes prior to the start of the event. Dial-In:  1-888-972-9338 Participant Passcode:  5149258


Yes, Deemed Exports and Re-Exports of Technology to Nationals of Some Sanctioned Countries/Regions are prohibited under the EAR

A word of caution to our clients, even if you only produce EAR99 products, software, or technology you DO need to be aware of the deemed export rule. Case in point, TSI Global Consulting was recently hired by a manufacturer of EAR99 quality control related testing machinery to create a Technology Control Plan (TCP).  At first take, my response was, why in the world would a company require a technology control plan if they do not manufacture or deal in any commodities, software, or technology that is listed on the Commerce Control List? A deeper review of the CCL quickly brought to light some important caveats to the false “EAR99 […]



International Sales are a very important part of our business. Our products are subject to strict Export Control regulations, often times requiring us to obtain an export license.Trying to keep up with export compliance regulations on your own is next to impossible.   TSI Global Consulting provides us our pathway to successful Export Compliance offering fast, courteous consulting services with a very high degree of professionalism. Thank you Jonathan Fink for all you do to make export compliance easy. It gives us the peace of mind we are doing the right thing.
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