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Regulatory Update: BIS moves Mexico and Cyprus to Country Group A:6 making them eligible for license exception STA [EAR Part 740.20 (c)(2)], Ukraine moved from Group D to Country Group B opening up a less restrictive licensing policy and potential use of license exceptions previously unavailable.

In a final rule published and effective December 28, 2020 the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security amended the Export Administration Regulations, revising Country Group designations for Ukraine, Cyprus and Mexico. The following most important changes became effective December 28, 2020: Ukraine: Was removed from Group D:1 as a result of that country’s cooperation with the United States on a “variety of export control matters” and moved to Group B. Placing Ukraine in Group B in combination with the removal of Group D status and Ukraine’s inclusion in Groups A:2, A:3 and A:4 makes that country eligible for certain license exceptions when applicable conditions are met, and restrictions […]