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In recent years TSI Global Consulting, LLC has developed an extensive practice assisting our clients to understand the complexities surrounding U.S. export controls, export licensing, tariff classification and a wide range of export/import compliance matters. A sample of export compliance related consulting engagements TSI Global Consultaing has successfully performed from 2011-2015 includes:


Aerospace Export Licensing & Compliance Training:

  • Designed and presented a two day training module on the October 15, 2013 export control reforms in the aerospace industry that incorporate the new “series 600” ECCNs for items moving from the U.S. Munitions List (USML) to the Commerce Control List (CCL) . Presented module to senior management onsite and online to over ten U.S. original manufacturers and distributors engaged in the manufacture and export of military aerospace parts and components.


  • Work on behalf of a U.S. original aircraft parts designer to Design, draft and obtain a $4 million dollar export license for new “series 600”, ECCN 9A610 landing gear parts for the Embraer (Brazil) KC-390 military transport plane.


  • Work on behalf of a New Jersey based freight forwarder to Draft, file and obtain a Department of Commerce export license for the export of 4 General Electric military aircraft engines falling under ECCN 9A619 and exported to South Korea for use in an aeronautics research and training center.


  • Work on behalf of an Illinois exporter to obtain several BIS export licenses for the export of series 600 (ECCN 9A610) reticulated foam to be used in military aircraft in Saudi Arabia and South Korea.


  •  Work on behalf of an Arizona based aerospace exporter to obtain a BIS license for the export of ECCN 9A619 Engine parts to the Indonesian Air Force.


   Strategic Alloys/Oil & Gas-Licensing:

  • Work on behalf of a Florida based steel and metal alloy distributor to successfully obtain and export license from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) for the export of aluminum round bars (ECCN 1C202) controlled for nuclear proliferation to Mexico for processing into tools used by a Fortune 500 U.S. corporation operating in the oil and gas industry.


   Oil and Gas/Licensing:

  • Work on behalf of a $US 400 million dollar Houston, Texas based energy company to draft, file and obtain a BIS export license for export controlled nickel valves to the Saudi Arabia ARAMCO-SAMREF oil refinery.


  Strategic Metals/Licensing:

  • Work on behalf of a U.S. based exporter of raw materials to draft, file and obtain a license from BIS to export $2 Million dollars of zirconium and hafnium controlled for nuclear proliferation to the Peoples Republic of China for manufacture of “getters” used as insulation for semiconductors and a wide range of commercial products.


  Semiconductors/Export Classification:

  • Work on behalf of a Singaporean based reseller of semiconductor tooling to determine ECCN classification and licensing requirements under the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) for semiconductor tooling warehoused in the United States and scheduled for export to South Korea and Singapore.


  Semiconductors/Encryption Registration and Review:

  • Work on behalf of a Los Angeles based manufacturer of LCD display boards to classify encryption capable microchips for export to the Peoples Republic of China. Drafted and filed an encryption registration application with the Bureau of Industry and Security through the SNAP-R system.


  Crime Control Products:

  • Work on behalf of a California based wholesale/retail company to obtain a BIS export license to export fingerprinting dyes and inks to a distributor in Brazil for resale to the Brazilian police.


  Military Electronics/ITAR:

  • Advise the senior management of a Panamanian company that brokers military electronics to the Panamanian government on their obligations as a broker of defense articles listed on the USML under Part 129 of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.


  Satellite Tracking Systems:

  • Draft and file a Commodity Jurisdiction for a Virginia based firm for technology used to track satellite interference locational sources.


  Aerospace/Commodity Jurisdiction:

  • Work on behalf of a Connecticut based aerospace electronics manufacturer to draft and file a commodity jurisdiction review for a dual use breathing device used for high altititude flight simulation. The case is currenting pending review with the U.S. Department of State.


  Medical Device/OFAC Licensing:

  • Work on behalf of a New England based manufacturer of medical devices to draft and file a license with the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) for export to a sanctioned country.


  Machine Tools/Export Licensing:

  • Represented an Indiana based distributor of machine tools to draft, file and obtain a BIS export license to export a CNC lathe listed under ECCN 2B001 and controlled for national security and nuclear proliferation. Similar ongoing licensing work is performed by TSI Global Consulting for an east coast based OEM of CNC machine tools classified under ECCN 2B201 whom we have assisted to obtain several BIS export licenses for export to Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Dubai.


TSI Global Consulting also provides client services in a wide range of other export/import compliance matters,
including filing of the Shippers Export Declaration (SED) through the Automated Export System (AES), tariff
classification and filings for binding tariff rulings from U.S. Customs.

We are TSI Global Consulting, your window to the world of the international marketplace.

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