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Licensing Policy Update: BIS/DDTC Suspend New Licenses for Russia

Effective March 1st the Bureau of Industry and Security has officially suspended processing of new export license applications for exports of dual use items listed on the Commerce Control List destined for ultimate consignees/end use in Russia. While the policy does not impact previously issued existing licenses for now no new exports of CCL listed items are being approved. The Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls has also suspended all licensing of USML listed defense articles and services destined for Russia. For further details contact our office at 210-757-0618.


The Hardest Countries to Get a Visa For (Besides the Obvious Ones, of Course) Part 2

By Michael Jones ( Another country with difficult Visa requirements is India – A country that I have personal experience with.  The most notable hassle that I had to deal with was the picky-ness of the Visa agency that the Indian government outsources to.  I traveled to India as part of a group, so we had to wait on all of our Visas to come through, but encountered problems as they were rejected for silly reasons such as our passport pictures being slightly crooked.  This was coupled with very long processing times, which, while not normally too hard to deal with, led to some close calls in which we almost […]


The Hardest Countries to Get a Visa For (Besides the Obvious Ones, of Course) Part 1

By Michael Jones ( This weekend, I will be departing for Japan, in the culmination of a trip that I have been planning for roughly the last year.  It’s been a log of work to get to this point: making different payments, securing flights, and packing my things all have put a lot of stress on my shoulders.  However, easily the most difficult part of my preparations was getting my Visa.  Japan has very strong controls over who can and cannot enter the country, and the process of jumping through their hoops got me thinking, “are there any other countries that are worse than this?” Of course, my immediate research […]


Mexico – Your Next International Connection?

By Michael Jones ( One of the most unique things about TSI Global Consulting is our location.  Located in South Texas in the city of San Antonio, TSI has used our strategic positioning to develop business in the traditionally-neglected Latin American market.  Throughout our years of research and experience, one country in this region stood out: our southern neighbor, Mexico.  We’ve noticed lots of opportunities for growth within this business-friendly country, and with careful preparation, U.S. companies can achieve great success.  If you’re at all interested, here’s a brief overview to get you started. Mexico is currently the 14th largest economy in the world, with a GDP of $1.21 trillion […]


Surviving a Chinese Business Dinner

By Michael Jones ( You’ve finally done it.  You’ve signed the documents, and your company now has a new business partner in China.  It’s very exciting, as China is one of the most desired markets in the world, and your company will now have access to its billion plus inhabitants.  You’ve done your research, brushed up on your Mandarin, and are excited to get your new operation up and running.  There’s only one problem.  On the night of your arrival, you are invited to a business dinner with representatives from your new partner corporation.  You’ve heard about this: the infamous Chinese Business Dinner.  It’s a common feature of working with […]