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Kudos to BIS…..

It is quite rare that I have the opportunity to leave the office and attend a conference, but last week I made the effort to attend (along with a client) the Export Control Reform full day seminar held here in San Antonio which was hosted by the Bureau of Industry and Security. I was pleasantly surprised by the high degree of professionalism and the in-depth technical overview of ECR that BIS put on. I was especially pleased to see that BIS made the effort to send as presenters several of their most senior licensing officers (folks I deal with regularly over the phone but had never met) down here to […]


And we thought is was a simple fire extinguisher………maybe not.

Classification of commodities for export compliance can indeed be a difficult task. At TSI Global Consulting we had an interesting case this week. We were approached by an aircraft parts exporter to classify a few parts for potential export to Latin America. Most of the parts were rather routine and then we came across a part named “fire extinguisher bottle for Bell Helicopter.”  After researching the part, we initially came to a conclusion that it had to be either EAR99 or if it was produced for a military helicopter it would fit squarely into the new series 600 ECCN 9A610.y26. Since the particular Bell helicopter that this part is going […]


Getting to Know the Asian Tigers – Singapore

By Michael Jones ( Well, everyone, it’s been one long month for me.  Since my last blog article, I’ve been on travel in Japan visiting many different cities.  Things have been very busy, which is why I haven’t updated the blog in a while, but my mind has been abuzz with new ideas for updates.  I hope that you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them! Since I’ve arrived at my university in Japan, I’ve met a lot of different people.  That got me thinking: what are some of the golden opportunities that our clients could have in this region?  Of course!  While it may seem […]