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Getting to Know the Asian Tigers – South Korea

By Michael Jones ( In this blog series, so far, we’ve discussed the economic opportunities present in 3 countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.  We’ve seen quite a bit of potential for growth in these areas, and all of them are absolutely worthy of your consideration for future business in the region.  However, in terms of sheer weight in the global economy, all 3 of them pale in comparison to our last Asian Tiger: South Korea.  What started out after World War II as somewhat of a backwater surrounded by its much more powerful neighbors has grown into an economic juggernaut, with South Korea laying claim to the 12th largest […]


Getting to Know the Asian Tigers – Taiwan

By Michael Jones ( Last time, this blog series discussed Hong Kong, and about just how far this Asian nation has developed in recent years to become one of the most desirable markets in the world.  We also learned about the nature of Hong Kong’s complicated relationship with mainland China, and how that relationship can affect foreign investment.  But can you guess what country (We’ll be using that word, even though many disagree if it is the correct term here) has an even more complicated relationship with China today?  Of course, today’s topic of discussion is Taiwan, A.K.A. the Republic of China, and the many opportunities that are open to […]


BIS publishes revised Supplement 6 to Part 744 of the EAR (the “unverified list.”)

In today’s Federal Register, the Bureau of Industry and Security published a newly amended Supplement 6 to Part 744 listing 29 companies on the unverified list (UVL). In a previous trade alert posted on this blog (dated January 24, 2014) we advised our clients of new regulatory changes that apply to export dealings with companies listed on the UVL. Specifically, effective with the publication today of the newly released unverified list (supplement 6 to Part 744), no license exceptions can be used if your transaction includes a company listed on the UVL. In addition, AES filings are required for ALL shipments (whether they require a license or not of any […]


Yes, there is a “Tools of the Trade” License Exception under the EAR

In recent months we have received inquiries from several companies about compliance issues related to company employees hand carrying various types of computers, software and other kinds of tooling to be used for overseas field missions or company business at a foreign subsidiary.  With heightened awareness of fines and penalties associated with export control violations, U.S. companies seem to be increasingly concerned about what their employees are carrying with them for foreign field operations and overseas business trips. The concern is understandable, however we would like to remind our clients and friends that there is a license exception for Temporary Exports covering “tools of the trade” that can be used […]


Getting to Know the Asian Tigers – Hong Kong

By Michael Jones ( The second of the 4 Asian Tigers that we will be discussing in this blog series is Hong Kong.  This tiny East Asian nation can often seem like an enigma to those who are unfamiliar with its systems: despite today being administrated by the more controlling regime of Mainland China, Hong Kong still strongly adheres to its heritage as a capitalist, free-market city put in place by the British more than a century ago.  However, regardless of any confused westerners in its way, Hong Kong has continued to skyrocket in recent years in its economy.  Hopefully, by familiarizing oneself with the economy and political systems in […]