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Cuba trade is on the horizon…..

President Obama’s low profile bilateral meeting with Cuban President Raul Castro taking place today the sidelines of the Summit of the America’s marks a new dawn in U.S. Cuban relations. The mere fact that this is the first high level government-to-government contact since then Vice President Richard Nixon met with Fidel Castro in 1959 during the Eisenhower Administration speaks volumes about the importance of this diplomatic initiative. There is even talk about imminent removal of Cuba from the State Department’s designated list of terrorist supporting countries. Could this lead to the removal of Cuba from OFAC sanctions and the removal of Cuba from Group E terrorist supporting countries on the […]


**Trade Alert**: Exchange Rates are Decimating US Exports

Wonder why your export business has ground to a state of inertia over the first three months of 2015? The answer lies in the dramatic appreciation of the US dollar vis a vis nearly all major foreign currencies over the past year. The 20-30% rise in the value of the dollar vis a vis other world currencies, translates into a 20-30% cost increase for U.S. products across the board. That’s why exports are silent! Until exchange rates revert to the mean or at least return to some sense of normalcy expect export markets to be completely silent. For complete exchange rate analysis and forecasts for particular markets please contact the […]


The Clinton List? U.S. Commercial Service Officials Should Know Better……

It is quite rare that I get an opportunity to leave the office and attend a U.S. government sponsored seminar on an export related topic. Perhaps I might best best off staying in the office after all. This morning I attended a seminar hosted by our local office of the Department of Commerce US Commercial Service, the folks from our government who promote exports. The guest speaker was an officer in the Commercial Section of the US Embassy in Colombia. Suffice it to say, little if any value was disseminated in the 1 hour very broad overview entitled “Doing Business in Colombia.” This was the umpteenth U.S. Department of Commerce […]