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The “Routed Export Transaction”: Setting the Record Straight

In recent weeks at TSI Global Consulting we have advised several clients on pending routed transactions. Suffice it to say, there is a LOT of confusion in industry over what defines a routed transaction. I figured it was about time to set the record straight, especially because we have good reason to believe that U.S. Customs on behalf of the Department of Commerce is cracking down and imposing fines and penalties on exporters and/or freight forwarders who have documentation errors and/or make false statements on the EEI filing (regardless of whether they be knowingly or out of confusion caused by innocent ignorance of what defines a routed export). Failure to […]


Is there Really an Export Compliance: Self-Audit Module? Yes, BIS provides the instrument

Did you know that the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) provides U.S. exporters with a comprehensive instrument that can be used to self-audit your internal export compliance systems and controls? At TSI Global Consulting we recommend that our clients conduct a bi-annual self-audit. Click HERE to access the comprehensive BIS self-audit instrument. It is all too common, especially for smaller high growth companies to get caught up with sales at the expense of loose controls to ensure regulatory compliance. Export compliance does slow down your business and yes, it is burdensome and time consuming, but it also is necessary for managing and mitigating risk as well […]