On March 28, 2024 the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) published a new resource to assist companies with EAR Part 760 anti-boycott compliance. Specifically, BIS now publishes a list of foreign entities (mainly in the Arab Gulf region/South Asia) that have made boycott related requests to US companies and have been reported to BIS for EAR Part 760 violations in the past. By publishing the list BIS hopes to:

  1. Deter foreign entities from asking US companies to violate US anti-boycott regulations and comply with boycott related requests.
  2. Reduce the chances that US companies with agree to comply with boycott related requests in violation of EAR Part 760
  3. Provide a “watch list” and enhanced transparency to industry related to foreign entities that are known to make boycott related requests.

The vast majority of EAR Part 760 violations relate to acquiescing to requests related to the Arab Israeli trade boycott. Please contact TSI Global Consulting for further details on reporting requirements and compliance with EAR Part 760.

Image by walsarabi from Pixabay

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