In response to the recent military coup, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced in a FEDERAL REGISTER final rule published February 17, 2021, new enhanced export controls on exports, re-exports or transfers of EAR jurisdiction items to Burma. Under the new Burma policy, all export license applications for products, software, or technology destined to the Burmese Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Home Affairs, Armed Forces and Security Services will be subject an application review policy of “presumption of denial. “

In addition to the above, effective February 17, 2021, the following license exceptions may no longer be used for exports, re-exports or transfers of EAR jurisdiction items:

• Shipments of Limited Value (LVS) (§ 740.3).

• Shipments to Group B Countries (GBS) (§ 740.4).

• Technology and Software under Restriction (TSR) (§ 740.6).

• Computers (APP) (§ 740.7).

For further information on these enhanced Burma export controls, please as they relate to your current or pending business, please contact TSI Global Consulting @ 210-757-0618

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