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License Exception for Donating Personal Computers and Related Software to Cuba

Did you know that under the Export Administration Regulations Part 740.19 there is a license exception CCD–Consumer Communication Devices which can be used to export donated personal computers and related software to private citizens and non-governmental private sector organizations in Cuba? For more information on specific conditions that apply contact TSI Global Consulting.


How Much Do You Know About Embargoed Countries? Part 4

By Michael Jones ( The last country that this blog series will focus on is Cuba. This tiny island nation has had a tumultuous history after its independence from Spain, consisting of multiple U.S. occupations and dictatorships all the way up until the 1959 Cuban Revolution. The revolution ended with the expulsion of the regime of pro-U.S. dictator Fulgencio Batista, with left-leaning revolutionary leader Fidel Castro rising to fill the vacuum in his place. Once in power, Castro, a fierce critic of the U.S., began to gravitate towards the Soviet Union and to a Communist government. Of course, since the Cold War was at its height, the U.S. was afraid […]


How Much Do You Know About Embargoed Countries? Part 3

By Michael Jones ( The Islamic Republic of Iran has seen a lot of attention lately.  The recent election of moderate Hassan Rouhani to the Iranian presidency surprised the world, and his conciliatory gestures towards the West appeared to mark a shift in Tehran’s traditional approach towards the international community.  However, at the same time, ongoing tensions over Iran’s nuclear program and participation in the Syrian Civil War have provided less desirable attention.  While negotiations have been restarted under Rouhani’s administration, both the West and Iran remain apprehensive as to the geopolitical consequences that may result if their side does not get what they want out of a potential nuclear […]


How Much Do You Know About Embargoed Countries? Part 2

By Michael Jones ( One country that can be confusing to deal with for those in the exporting business is Libya.  Under the dictatorial regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the U.S. classified the country as a “state sponsor of terrorism”: a label which led to the U.S. creating an embargo against Libya which would be enforced, with varying degrees of intensity, throughout his regime.  However, U.S. policy would change drastically after the 2011 Libyan Civil War.  With Gaddafi and his supporters gone and along with them, the main reason for antagonism in the first place, the U.S. began to form a partnership with Libya’s new civilian government.  Since this former […]


How Much Do You Know About Embargoed Countries? Part 1

By Michael Jones ( Anyone in the U.S. is familiar with them.  North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and Cuba: the main countries that the U.S. does not get along with.  For those of us in international business, we also know that our mutual dislike extends into the economic sphere.  All of these countries have had embargoes placed upon them by the U.S. government, and trade is either nonexistent or severely limited as a result.  However, there is much more to the U.S.’s system of embargoes than is on the surface, both in the countries that are affected beyond the obvious choices, and how every country is affected differently.  This blog […]