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BIS Issues Interpretive Guidance on Implementation of New Military End User Rule

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has issued new interpretive guidance and FAQs related to…


Reminder: EEI filings for exports to China, Russia and Venezuela

The Bureau of Industry and Security has published guidance on its website reminding exporters of the…


US-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) Free Trade Agreement will be formally implemented on July 1, 2020. Links to…


What is NOT an Export, Re-Export, Re-Transfer or Temporary Import?

On March 26th the U.S. Department of State published a FINAL RULE amending the ITAR effective…


TSI Global Consulting to Offer Pro-Bono Export Licensing and General Import/Export Assistance for equipment used to manufacture medical supplies

Effective immediately, TSI Global Consulting, LLC is offering no cost export licensing and general export regulatory…


DDTC Issues Interim Final Rule Making Important Changes to Transmission of Encrypted ITAR Technical Data

On December 26th, 2019 the Department of State published in the Federal Register (Volume 84, No….


BIS/OFAC Walk Back Obama Era Cuba Travel Regulatory Reforms

With simultaneous FINAL RULES scheduled to be published in tomorrow’s (June 5th, 2019) Federal Register, both…


Venezuela Moved from Group B to Group D

The U.S. Department of Commerce published a Final Rule in today’s Federal Register officially moving Venezuela…


BIS Adds 50 to the Unverified List

In today’s Federal Register The Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security published the addition…

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