Whether you are looking to set up a new Greenfield plant or enter into a joint venture, if you are interested in evaluating and ranking potential site selection locations in Mexico, I would highly recommend checking out the site selection tool at ProMexico, a government run trade and investment promotion agency (www.promexico.gob.mx). The site selection tool at ProMexico is very user-friendly. Through the use of an online selection module, you will have the option of assigning a weight based on the importance that you wish to give to a wide range of variables including macroeconomic and productivity indicators as well as statistics related to infrastructure, port/rail/air service, quality of life and availability of basic services. The database covers and will provide you with a rank order based on 86 cities located throughout Mexico, identifying your ideal site selection locations.

If you are interested in manufacturing in Mexico, I recommend that you take advantage of PROMEXICO’s online site selection database.

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