Machine Tools/BIS Licensing

TSI Global Consulting has for the past five years served as the outsourced export compliance division for a major American manufacturer of CNC  machine tools that are classified under ECCN 2B201 and controlled for nuclear proliferation. On behalf of this client we have drafted, filed, and obtained over ten BIS export licenses accounting for millions of dollars of CNC 5-Axis machine exports to numerous markets in the Middle East and Latin America. In mid-2017 we took on an Israeli client in the medical device industry that needed our assistance in structuring a routed export transaction and obtaining a license for their US agent in exporting a 2B201 CNC machine.  And in 2020 we assisted a California based semiconductor manufacturer to license and export a 2B201 CNC machine tool to their subsidiary in Malaysia.

TSI Global Consulting also provides client services in a wide range of other export/import compliance matters, including filing of the Electronic Export Information or “EEI” through the Automated Export System (AES), Schedule B tariff classifications and filings for binding tariff rulings from U.S. Customs.