TSI Global Consulting

Founded in 1996, TSI Global Consulting focuses on working with the senior management of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to internationalize their operations by providing a nuanced, research-based understanding of U.S. export Compliance regulations as well as international opportunities arising out of bilateral and multilateral Free Trade Agreements and preferential trade policies.

Using deep technical regulatory research, TSI Global Consulting is able, with confidence, to resolve complex export/import transactional concerns that are brought to our attention by our clients. Through our guidance, our clients can be assured of their compliance with the US Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR Parts 730-774), Foreign Trade Regulations (15 CFR Part 30), Customs Regulations (19 CFR Parts 1-140), and in some cases the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 CFR Part 120-130). Unlike some of our competitors who focus on the “trees” we see the forest “through the trees” and advise our clients on all of the details to ensure operational conformity with every aspect of US export regulation.

We are a boutique consultancy specialized in servicing small and medium-sized manufacturers ranging from five million to fifty million dollar annual revenue companies. Our clients are typically firms that are large enough to establish a significant presence in global markets, but not large enough to develop an in-house fully staffed international export compliance division necessary to stay on top of, and fully comprehend the multitude of dynamic regulatory changes that exporters must be in compliance with in order to avoid costly fines and penalties.

Our small, flexible, boutique orientation allows us to match the quality of service offered by the world’s top ten management-consulting firms, yet all of our services follow a completely customized and creative approach to problem-solving offered at a reasonable cost to our clients.

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