It is often the case that we hear complaints from industry about the lack of transparency and outreach done by U.S. Federal regulatory agencies with regard to international trade regulations. Here at TSI Global Consulting, we wish to turn that table on those complaints and give a two thumbs up to the Outreach, Education and Training Division at the U.S. Census Bureau for their new outreach program known as The International Trade University Webinar Series. Just this morning, while working on advising a client on a pending “routed export transaction” I spent the time to review FTR: 301- Types of Export Transactions. The overview of routed transactions presented in FTR-301 made for a thorough and informative 20 minute refresher. Overall, the level of technical depth of analysis presented in this series covering such issues as Schedule “B” product classification, types of export transactions, EEI filing requirements etc., is impressive for a no-cost/free of charge resource.

At TSI Global Consulting, we highly recommend taking the 30-60 minutes out of your work day to educate yourself and your staff on important export compliance issues associated with the U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations. The webinars are full of valuable guidance and case specific analysis. Kudos for crafting such an informative series of on-demand webinars.

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