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OPEC’s Place in a Changing Oil Industry

By Michael Jones ( The recent death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah highlights the awkward crossroads that the Kingdom currently finds itself at. Of course, in terms of politics, the course is clear; the next in line for the throne will step up and business will likely continue as normal. However, in terms of economics, Saudi Arabia’s struggles are quite apparent – oil prices are dropping and foreign reliance on its product is following in much the same way. Other countries that make up the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries are starting to feel the pinch too as the international order starts to change. But, perhaps we have seen the […]


BIS Relaxes Export Controls for Crime Control and Regional Stability items exported to India

In a final rule published in the Friday, January 23rd edition of the Federal Register, the Bureau of Industry and Security announced that effective immediately, most exports to India would no longer be subject to Crime Control (column 1 and 3) or Regional Stability (Column 2) export controls. The deregulation initiative comes as part of the Obama Administration’s bilateral understanding with India that was implemented in November 2010. The deregulation comes after India has shown the U.S. government that it has taken appropriate measures to ensure that specific U.S. origin items controlled for Crime Control and Regional stability will not be re-exported from India without a license. A license requirement […]


The Strangest American Business Customs

By Michael Jones ( I have a slight confession to make. When I originally wrote my last article, “The Strangest Business Customs from Around the World,” I always had intended to do a follow-up piece on strange American business customs, but I didn’t want to mention it last time. The main reason for this is because I wanted our readers to focus in on customs that were foreign to them – doing so would make this redirect even more pronounced. However, as I mentioned last time, there are equally many American business customs that can be confusing to people who are not from our country, and doing some introspection is […]


The Strangest Business Customs from Around the World

By Michael Jones ( The world of American business is a comfortably familiar extension of life in America in general, but to many others, dealing with American companies can seem like a veritable minefield of potential missteps waiting to happen. I make this note at the beginning of this article because, when addressing the following topic, I want to make it clear that “strange” business customs are a two-way street, and that America, like any other country, has its fair share. With that said, some of these strange business customs from around the world will come as a shock to many other Americans as to how outlandish they may seem. […]


BIS opens the door (at least a crack) for legal export sales to Cuba…..

In the Friday, January 16, 2015 issue of the Federal Register, the Bureau of Industry and Security published a final rule, effective immediately, implementing a new license exception known as Support for the Cuban People (SCP) which will open up a limited range of legal export sales to Cuba. License exception SCP authorizes the legal export or re-export of commercially sold or donated: • Building materials, equipment and tools for use by the private sector to construct or renovate privately owned buildings including privately owned residences, businesses, places of worship, and buildings for private sector social or recreational use. • Tools and equipment for private sector agricultural activity and; • […]