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FEDEX Gets Hit by BIS for Shipments to Parties on the Entity List

Yes, even FEDEX can and does get hammered for Export Control violations. On April 24th, 2018 BIS reached a settlement for 53 violations of Part 764.2 of the EAR, namely facilitating unlicensed exports to parties listed on the entity list. The exports in question took place between July 1, 2011 and January 19, 2012 and involved shipments to Aerotechnic France SAS (“Aerotechnic”) and the Pakistan Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (“PINSTECH”) both of whom were listed on the entity list when the exports occurred. The charging letter and accompanying settlement indicated FEDEX had used screening software that was not set for fuzzy logic and required full and exact names […]


U.S. China Trade War…..More Details

As noted in our blog post of yesterday on April 9, 2018 the Chinese Ministry of Trade responded to the imposition of new US tariffs on steel and aluminum imposed by imposing new tariffs on 128 products of U.S. origin. According to the official announcement by the Chinese Ministry, effective April 2, 2018 new ad valorem tariffs of 15% were implemented on a wide range of U.S. origin fruits, nuts and steel products. New 25% duties were imposed on U.S. pork products and aluminum scrap metals. An unofficial English translation of the official Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) list of new Chinese tariffs already in force is noted below. Note that […]


A Trade War on the Horizon?

In recent weeks several TSI Global Consulting clients operating in sectors ranging from strategic alloys to aerospace parts have expressed concern over the new protectionist trade policies of the Trump Administration. While the shift away from free trade towards a more domestic “America First” trade policy agenda should come as no surprise to those who have followed Trump’s rhetoric on trade prior to and following the election, recent policy actions do indicate a ratcheting up of commercial risk as rhetoric turns to action. To date, the only new United States tariffs that have been fully implemented as part of this current friction are the steel (additional 25% ad valorem) and […]