Wonder why your export business has ground to a state of inertia over the first three months of 2015? The answer lies in the dramatic appreciation of the US dollar vis a vis nearly all major foreign currencies over the past year. The 20-30% rise in the value of the dollar vis a vis other world currencies, translates into a 20-30% cost increase for U.S. products across the board. That’s why exports are silent! Until exchange rates revert to the mean or at least return to some sense of normalcy expect export markets to be completely silent. For complete exchange rate analysis and forecasts for particular markets please contact the office at 210-757-0618.

Exchange Rate Changes (April 2014-April 2015)

April 2014-Apr 2015

British Pound to $1 US .58– .68
Canadian Dollar to $1 US 1.10– 1.245
Euro to $1 US .72– .92
Singapore Dollar to $1 US 1.24– 1.36
Mexican Peso to $1 US 13.0– 14.9

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