Are you interested in developing new foreign markets for your products, software or technology? In order to develop business in most foreign countries, you need to first develop a personal relationship with your partner(s). Do not assume that you will be able to enter into business without having met and developed a personal relationship with your foreign customers.  Why is that the case? In essence we in the “West” often take for granted that our legal system serves to insure that business can take place at arms length, void of personal trust. If a contract is violated in the United States it can be enforced through the court system. In many countries that may not be the case and therefore personal relationships replace the legal institutions that underpin the market and allow for business to take place.

The best way to break-the-ice and begin the process of developing personal trust in most countries is by engaging the market “face-to-face” through participation in a foreign trade mission. Did you know that TSI Global Consulting offers customized 3-10 day trade missions in most foreign markets? Call us and ask about our customized trade mission services. After a thorough review of your product line, we use technical research to identify and rank markets for your products. We then use proprietary databases to identify the ideal distribution channels and in-country potential partners for your products. After we have identified the best prospects we find out who the decision makers are in those companies and we proactively contact those individuals in order to arrange the customized mission. Typically we arrange 2-3 meetings per day in-country. We handle all of the logistics arranging in country transportation, hotels, language translation services and other details to ensure the mission runs smoothly. We can also advise on potential idiosyncratic regulatory issues that you need to know and we brief you on other unique cultural, political, economic, and regulatory variables that could effect your success in particular markets.

In addition to taking advantage of our customized missions you should not overlook Trade Missions offered by the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration and/or your State and local trade development offices. A listing of upcoming U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Missions includes:

February 2014

  • Aerospace Executive Trade Mission at the Singapore Air Show
    Contact Jason Sproule at (949) 660-1688 or  or Howcheng Ng at +011 (65) 64760-9037 or  Application deadline is November 30, 2013.

March 2014

May 2014

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